All about cushions and the art of creating coziness

Cushions. A product you can buy in almost every decoration store but yet so important to let your sofa shine and to dress up your living room. But why do cushions make the difference? Isn't the sofa itself already good enough? No. Especially not when the sofa has straight lines and edges. Cushions are the ones inviting us to lounge at our sofa, to feel comfy, fell home. They are just waiting to be hugged and are there to hold your head while falling asleep in your favourite position. 

It is therefore fairly important to look for cushions with a soft and for you appealing surface. Yes - the optic does count as well but primarily you should focus on the fabric. Why? Even if that woolen, hand knitted cushion looks nice waiting there in the corner of your sofa being sort of an exhibit, this is not what it is meant to be. You will always grab the comfortable one when it comes down to enjoy some relaxing time on your couch. Hence - always go for the one you actually might use to the fullest. 

But what about the optic? What about colours or setting highlights? Shouldn't the pillows bring finally some colour to our grey, beige or anthracite sofa? The answer is, they can. But they definitely don't have to! Think of all the colourful things on and around your sofa: Book shelfs, magazines, probably plants, a carpet, blankets and last but not least yourself. Probably wearing these fashionable pink yoga pants or your soccer teams latest season tricot while lounging. Isn't that enough colour and highlight? That is exactly what makes a room full of live and colours. So don't even bother finding perfectly matching cushions with that one tone of mustard yellow or copper rosé you used on other places in your house or apartment. Honestly speaking, stay with the tones of your sofa, stay in the same colour family of probably grey and beige, add some patterns and different shades of the colours and you will be perfectly fine.

You will create a coziness without setting highlights, without pillows that are just meant to look nice and therefore create an area in your living room where you can just lay down - without any inconvenience - and just relax on every inch of the sofa and with every pillow your arms are long enough to grab. 

At ONE HOUSE it took us quite some time to design and put together an attractive cushion collection, 100%  made in Germany. It will be of no surprise to you, that all fabrics have a soft touch surface and are available with different patterns. And guess what - all our pillows are in grey, black and beige tones - we do not have one cushion in colour. And why that? Because we trust the basic principles of interior design and set highlights in the apartment with all different objects - but not with the pillows. 

So here is your top 3 for a cozy home with pillows:

1) Pick cushions with a soft and for you comfy surface

2) Add a maximum of 4-5 cushions on your sofa to leave room to sit

3) Choose cushions in the same colour family of your sofa




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