5 useful tips when searching for your new sofa

  • Are you constantly arguing with your partner about the perfect sofa? 

  • Have you already spent countless hours in various furniture stores?

  • Does your desired sofa have a price tag that will force you to skip dinner dates?

If you've answered with "YES" to any of these questions, read on!

Here are 5 handy tips that will speed up your search and leave you with the perfect piece of furniture while meeting all your demands at a price you'll love

Let's start:

1) What do you use the sofa for?

Be honest with yourself... Are you primarily lounging there, watching TV and sometimes enjoying a yummy pasta bowl on it with your loved one?

Then you might reconsider that huge sofa holding 4 to 6 people for all the movie nights that eventually happen twice a year. Once you decide on the actual day by day usage, picking the right shape is like a walk in the park. 

2) What is your most comfy sitting position and what features on your current sofa annoy you? 

Everyone has a specific way of lounging. Some prefer a sitting position, some rather go for half sleeping. Maybe you like the corners and head rests while others enjoy to sit up straight and put their feet up. In most families some if not all of these preferences need to be considered but can definitely result in a one-fits-all piece of furniture.

3) Here comes the critical one - the right colour.

Picking the right colour for your center piece in the apartment is definitely worth a thought. But stick to simple rules: With grey, anthracite and beige colours you will never go wrong.

In different shades from light and soft to dark and strong they help the sofa fit into almost every surrounding. Depending on the light that comes in and the colour of your floor this will always create a calm and harmonious look.

If the primary colours in your apartment are already white and grey combined with wood elements such as dining table or cupboards, why not choose something a bit more extravagant for the center piece? Yes you heard it. Extravagant. This does not mean you have to pick a green, red or blue sofa but maybe consider different shades of colour in order to make the sofa stand out from the rest. 

4) We know the colour. YES. But now the fabric.

Some people are very sensitive about the touch and feel of a fabric, others prefer 100% natural materials and again others need a very robust fabric that is easy to clean.

The most important thing is that even when you sit down after a long summer day in your shorts, it still needs to feel comfortable for you. This choice varies from person to person and certainly can't be made by viewing pictures online. This is something you need to feel and touch and experience to be sure that it's a perfect match.

Despite the colour, natural materials with mainly cotton and linen tend to appear easy, light and airy but on the other side are like a foam when it comes to stains of last night's red wine. Fabrics that are purely made out of polyester appear a bit harder when touching them first but are clearly easier to clean as they have a internal protection layer that prevents liquids from getting into the lower levels.

Furthermore, the currently very popular velvet fabrics are as soft as it can get. It almost feels like you're a little kid again cuddling into your favourite blanket. It will always look classy and extraordinary, like a true center piece. But will you still like it after a few years?

5) We're done. Wait...Where are you going to place your sofa? 

So, you already figured out what you need the sofa for, how you want to sit on it, what colour and fabric it should be so let's come to the last point that probably includes all of the above. The position. Where are you going to place your new sofa?

In front of a window? In that little corner that the interior architect of your apartment so perfectly created? No matter where, always make sure that any sofa you buy gets the space it deserves. Never push it to the edge against the walls, let it stand freely if possible.

Rather skip the extra 10cm sitting space in order to create the roominess you are looking for. Sometimes smaller sofas can appear a lot bigger than the huge around the corner combination that fills up all your space. Adding a separate chair, a pouf or an additional 1-seater will leave you with many options and actually looks like you have thought of roominess - which you probably did after reading this blog. 

As this was a lot of information here you can find the top 5 questions to ask yourself before purchasing a sofa:

1) What do I use the sofa for?

2) How do I prefer to sit on the sofa?

3) What colour suits my interior best and do I want basic or extravagant?

4) What fabric feels comfortable to me?

5) Where and in which position do I want to place my new sofa?

Our modular ONE HOUSE Meester sofa aims to give you all the options you need, once you've figured out what you want. Different size modules, easy to click together to create the perfect spot for every seating position as well as add-on items such as chairs or poufs.

From a wide range of soft to rough and natural to polyester fabrics you can choose whatever suits you best. It is as easy as that. Sounds too good to be true? Then find out for yourself...Skip the mega stores and come to us right away. It saves you a lot of trouble and you'll be enjoying a freshly brewed & complementary Espresso while choosing the right sofa colour.  

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