Why MADE IN GERMANY is so important to us

It seems like yesterday that friends and people around as started to rethink their shopping behaviour. As always, it starts with the little things in life where change does not cost that much more than what we are used to. Instead of pre-packaged meat from the supermarket we use to go to people decided to seek for a butcher of their trust around the corner where they actually know where the meat is coming from. Hence it is no surprise that the industry of regional and biological food is instantly growing and gets more attention. Even further, with our cloth we tend to seek to find that one nice piece in a small boutique or specifically go to a new start up to buy this seasons latest trends. It seems like people more and more start to avoid big chains, huge money making companies and big industries and seek for personal contact, actual human interactions and the good feeling of knowing what they have spent their money on. 

Even though we have been very successfully in the past years reselling furniture and interior accessoires produced all over the world we want to make a change as well. If we do something ourselves, we want to do it right. But why is Germany right? Why is it better then the rest?

The benefit of made in Germany is not only the status you create with this label or the story of good German craftsmanship. It is a lot more. Made in Germany means short ways of transportation, same understanding of handling issues and direct and clear contact throughout the production chain due to the same language. Finding the right partner for your project can happen everywhere in the world and you might find the right match in Italy, The Netherlands, Poland or any other country. But when it comes to the one, and for us most important, aspect of quality it is hard to find someone to trust. Trust is the biggest asset in any cooperation and indispensable when you want to produce something good. Something real good. 

Our 2 year journey of finding the right partner was very hard and has set us back to the beginning over and over again. We had a long list of problems and issues we experienced in the past, just as a reseller, and we wanted to make sure that with our own collection and our own production we will never ever have to face these again. Struggling with promises for the lead time of production, a leak of communication and troubles in shipping and delivery we have figured out exactly what we want. And where did we find this? Right at our doorstep, in our own country. We clearly have the same understanding of quality and perfection, we go a long way together and most important, we trust each other may come whatever. We all, and with we I mean every person involved in the production of a sofa from building the wooden frame, cutting foams and sewing the final fabrics, want to be 100% sure that we deliver the best of our abilities to our customers. The best product we can make. Just for you, because if you are buying products at ONE HOUSE you are one of these people that has decided that supporting the locals, buying in small stores, escaping the mass industry is actually a good thing. It probably makes you happier and more satisfied if you know from bottom to top what you have paid for and what you get. 

Made in Germany does not mean "we can do it better than the rest of the world" or "A German person is better in sewing than anyone else". Clearly not. But made in Germany to us means trust, communication and partnership on a different level. A trust we want to share with you and pass on with pride. 

But where is the benefit for you? Talking about the benefits for us as a company may give you an insight of all the processes and issues behind the scenes of a small furniture store, but what do you get out of this as a customer? 

Here is your top 5 reasons why MADE IN GERMANY is beneficial for you:

- Good durable quality products with a long lifetime

- Little impact on environment due to short transportations ways

- Transparency about production conditions, materials and fabrics

- Delivery time promises that are actually kept

- You support to the local economy and get the good feeling of buying something real

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