Why you should always buy your new dining table including chairs

Who would have thought that it is so complicated to find the right table and the right chairs at the same time?

Most of the time our customers already have either or: "We got that great dining table from my parents and are looking for matching chairs which are so hard to find." Or "We have that designer chairs we bought a few years ago and we definitely want to keep them so we need a dining table that matches them". Every decision you make will be a compromise!

Even if it is hard to make the move and pass on the family table to another member or to sell the designer chairs - you will be happy once you have a perfect dining area that fits your actual needs. 

And here is why:

First of all, your dining table will be the center of your living room. It is the space where family and friends gather together for long dinner nights and deep talks. Besides the sofa, where you can hang out and relax in quiet moments, the chairs of your table will be the the second most important seating furniture and therefore should be picked wisely.

There is no such thing as THE ONE PERFECT HEIGHT for your dining table. Nowadays it varies between 73 and 79 cm. Once chosen the height you will also know how high arm rests of your new chairs can be. And there you go. Wouldn't it be perfect to be as flexible as that and decide on the go which combination of chairs and table hight suits you best? And wouldn't it be a pity to keep the old chairs that demand you to choose a 73cm height dining table that will - after you get tired of your chairs - never match any other chair cause he's to low? You will go on in a circle with this move...

And there is more. Most of the times our customers do not have endless space to put a 3m long dining table centered in their living room. Hence the average bought length is about 180cm to 220cm which comfortably has room for 4 chairs on each side. But what if your family is bigger or your friends group hangs out at your place all the time and you need room to place them? Once decided how many people should sit on that table we can make a good selection and combination of chairs with and without armrest as well as easy on stools to be more flexible. Furthermore, we can vary the width and position of the dining tables legs got geht the maximum out of it. 

You see? There are so many options in making the perfect match of table and chairs and that is exactly why you should not make decisions on things you already have but on what perfectly fits your needs. If it all goes together - even better! Than you are one of the lucky ones.

We are more than happy to help you out with every advice concerning dining tables, dining chairs as well as perfect combinations. Our solid oak tables can be custom made and therefore be unique for you. 

Here are some facts that will help you calculate the right set up for your dining area: 

- Calculate roughly 80cm between the tables side and the wall to sit comfortably

- Round about 60cm width are needed for one person to have enough space for place mats and dinner set up

- If the short side of the table is also fully used, calculate with about 40cm depth before the first place on the long side starts

- The average sitting height of your chairs should be around 45cm

So enough with the advice - here is your top 5 bullet list for dining table and chair shopping:

1) Decide on the perfect length to fit the dining table in your apartment. (Note: It is always nicer if furniture can stand a bit free, therefore rather go with 10 cm shorter in order to get that roominess you are looking for)

2) Decide on how many people you want to place on your dining table? (Note: Think of your average usage and how often you have guests or family over? So how much must fit to the max?)

3) Decide on a specific kind of chairs. (Are you looking for plastic form chairs or something comfy with fabric? Should they appear heavy and solid or light and airy?)

4) Is there a colour given from the rest of your living room? Such as black steel that should come back in details of the chairs or the table?

5) What kind of look do you want to create with your dining area? (Note: Thanks to instragram and pinterest we all have a lot of inspiration so bring along some pictures because sometimes it is not only the chair or the table itself, it is also the lamp hanging above it to get the perfect look.)

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