For nearly 30 years our German
manufacturing experts have
honed their craft to create the perfect
sofa for you. Every aspect of the production
is made in Germany.


We place importance on producing locally,
environmentally friendly and focus
on the responsible use of resources.


We started ONE HOUSE as a high quality furniture store three years ago. Inspired by our Dutch roots, we initially offered a curated selection of contemporary Dutch and Scandinavian furniture brands at affordable prices.

As more and more customers started inquiring about custom sofa modules and  fabric styles, we went to the drawing board and conceptualized the first draft of our own Meester sofa collection. Nearly two years later we had finally reached an agreement with the perfect manufacturing partners in Germany. A boutique manufacturing company with 30+ years of industry expertise, they were able to take our designs and turn them into hand crafted masterpieces. 

Our German furniture experts share our "Feel Good At Home" vision and use a very straight-forward approach to producing the perfect sofa. They combine the hand crafted elements that make every ONE HOUSE furniture piece special, with the most progressive machinery and technology available anywhere in the world.


Our sofa production starts with our Munich-based design team, who use the latest digital software to prototype ideas and engineer them for efficient manufacturing. Once our designs move into the factory, we incorporate lean production methods to reduce waste, save energy, and minimise our carbon footprint.

Of course, there is no machine that will ever replace the skills that our German craftsmen have learned and passed down over generations. But today, with the additional of modern machinery, we’re continually aiming for world’s best practice in production, and ensuring that our products not only maintain quality through the entire product lifecycle,
but work in harmony with the environment.

With a retail store in Munich,
retail partnerships in the making, and online, our vision for contemporary Dutch living has extended to every part of the process, from the way we conceptualise and design, right through to the way our customers experience our products in store.

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