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ONE HOUSE collection

For over two years working extensively our team is very excited to finally introduce One House sofa & cushion collection. Starting with our first modular Sofa "Meester" to be introduced mid 2018 complemented with a range of cushions. 

MADE in germany

One House collection is made in Germany. 
The team behind the collection carefully selected German craftsmanship to keep their high quality promise. 

our passion

We love what we do and we feel very happy creating products for customers' homes that are made from the finest materials. Making people feel good at home through interior design improves their quality of life. That is extremely rewarding!

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Meester sofa

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Meester is our most contemporary sofa, 
available in a wide array of modular configurations.
Its design is defined by simple basic lines with an 
elevated armrest. Perfectly rounded back and arm
cushions offer relaxation and comfort for the whole family. 

Meester’s mix & match modules seamlessly adapt 
to any interior space and can be personalised
in fabric or leather to suit your unique taste.

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